About Healthy Ads

About Healthy Ads Ltd

Welcome to Healthy Ads, UK based health and wellbeing company surrounding itself with innovative products not readily available in the market, the sole purpose is to provide a healthy outlook in the new age that we live.

Our products have been developed to serve consumers and retailers, with a solution to advertising your business and having your customers in mind.

As a start up, our aim for the future will be to provide health and wellbeing technology that can raise brand awareness, be health beneficial and innovative. Our range includes hand sanitiser kiosks, UV stations, Digital menus and more.

We work with manufacturers globally, to deliver certified products to you at affordable prices, with both retail and wholesale available.

Our products

We work directly to our factories and manufacturers, which is why you won’t see the products widely available on the market. 

We ensure all our products are CE/ROHS marked and safe to use for both customers, as well as retailer.

If you require certificates, our team can happily present these to you. Simply email sales@healthyads.co.uk

Our Partners

Aiming to provide you a healthier solution for advertising your business, our partners love working with us and want to make sure you enjoy the experience with us. Working with the likes of Novisign, SafeAIRr and Techpoint, we ensure the craftsmanship in our products is of the highest quality.

Healthy Ads