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Seth GmbH is a family run company based in Hamburg, Germany, and has been active in textile production for over 50 years. A leading supplier of high-quality woven garments worldwide, at the beginning of the pandemic we used our resources to make masks to donate using stock fabric where it was needed.

We understand that wearing masks is strange and new. It is a small gesture that can go a long way in preventing the spread especially through asymptomatic carriers.

We at SafeAIRr have tried our best in conjunction with our inhouse German technicians to bring to you a mask that is not only comfortable but has the correct fabric density to provide optimum filtration.

 All our fabrics are EU certified. Now as the need for masks has increased with people making the informed and compassionate choice of wearing one, we have dedicated a large part of our production to manufacturing masks and other essential PPE. Catering to the Medical Profession, Corporates, Sports Clubs as well as end consumers.


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