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Customising your mask or kiosk

If you’re looking to customise your masks or kiosk for brand awareness, we’ve outlined a simple guide if you’re going to submit artwork to our team.

The mask is machine washable and safe to tumble dry. Air drying is recommended preserving the integrity and shape of the mask. 

Design your mask

Healthy Ads Customise Your Design

Using the design interface

When you’ve selected the type of mask you’ll like, beside it will be a design interface that will allow you to customised the mask design. You’ll be able to see the overlay area of the mask printing area and anything over that maybe trimmed. 

We accept JPG, PNG and PDF formats.

Healthy Ads Customise Your Design

Sizing and templates

If you’re unsure on how the design will look. You can contact our team who can assist you with the design or download one of our templates

Pleated Satin = 18.5″ x 8.5″
3D Printed =
Surgical quality = 19″ x 10.5″

If you use our templates, remember to save the area of design and not the whole template. The template is to give you or your client of the mockup.

Healthy Ads Customise Your Design

Healthy Ads