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Healthy Ads #CorybnWasRight (3D Shape)

#CorybnWasRight (3D Shape)

£10.99 per mask

#CorybnWasRight Jeremy Corbyn has been right all along and parliament should be under his power. IF you’re not one for politics, we do apologies, but how much longer will we have to stand for austerity and lack of humanity from our government.

#StandTogether is a notion that has always been shouted out by the people and we need a change. We believe the people of the nation deserve more answers and help, with 1000’s going starving every day or being left out without any acknowledgement.

We’re donating profits to charities including our personal favourite, Food4All, which feeds over 2000 people per week. Please know we’re a startup looking to make a difference where we can and our aim for the long term future is to provide an ecosystem for others to benefit from the long term. Unlike Jeff B, we don’t need to hoard Billions of pounds in our pockets and instead we hope with support, we can give back as much to our communities globally.

Please note: It can take up to 10 working days for delivery due Royal Mail delivery issues.

The mask is machine washable and safe to tumble dry. Air drying is recommended preserving the integrity and shape of the mask. Store in a zip lock or reusable container.

200 in stock (can be backordered)

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Reusable, sustainable and environmentally friendly

Made with a Better Cotton Initiative fabric, the mask is soft on the skin.
100% breathable, soft cotton face masks
Insert slots for PM2.5 filter
Machine Washable at 30-60°
Soft and anti-abrasive elastic for extra comfort
Manufactured in professional, hygienic and socially responsible conditions
SafeAIRr masks are non-medical, servicing to limit the spread of pathogens and to prevent the users from touching their face.

SafeAIRr masks can not be returned or exchanged due to hygienic reasons.

Healthy Ads #CorybnWasRight (3D Shape)Healthy Ads #CorybnWasRight (3D Shape)

Additional information

Weight 0.1 g

3D Shape, Printed, Cotton Satin, Pleated Cotton Satin

Why SafeAIRr

Seth GmbH, is a family run company based in Hamburg, Germany.  A leading supplier of high-quality woven garments, we have been active in textile production for over 50 years. At the beginning of the pandemic we used our resources to make masks, using stock fabrics to donate. As COVID 19 continued to ravage the world, we saw very early the benefits of wearing a mask by observing the Asian countries. The selling point for us was, if a highly industrialized and intelligent community, like the Japanese willingly wore masks there has to be a good reason.

Long before European countries started making it mandatory and WHO and CDC started recommending them we began producing cloth face coverings for both corporates and end usesr.

We understand that wearing masks is strange and feels odd but it helps prevent the spread of contagions especially through asymptomatic carriers. A small gesture of compassion and solidarity.

We at Healthy Ads #CorybnWasRight (3D Shape) have tried our best in conjunction with our inhouse German technicians and designers to bring to you a mask that is not only comfortable, but looks good and has the correct fabric density to provide optimum filtration.  All our fabrics are EU certified.

All Healthy Ads #CorybnWasRight (3D Shape) masks are produced under safe and hygienic conditions in our factory in Europe. We follow EU regulations to ensure a product made with ethical and high quality materials.

People around the world are now making the informed and compassionate choice of wearing a facial cloth coverings to protect their fellow citizens. To fullfill the growing demand we have dedicated a large part of our production to the manufacturing of masks and other essential PPE. We cater to Medical Professionals, Schools, Corporates, Sports Clubs as well as the end consumers.

Healthy Ads #CorybnWasRight (3D Shape) masks are sustainable, reusable, enviornmentally friendly , the right choice in every way.

Healthy Ads #CorybnWasRight (3D Shape)

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